Nine billion

After next the breathe you take
nine billion yous in three minutes make
unless you in brief they imitate
will surely all asphyxiate.
There is only one air

Ladle in your air out of one pot
one air is all our Earth has got
nine billion all three minutes use it
from common fluid we can’t refuse it.
There is only one air.

From 90 secs. ere you breath in and out
to 90 secs. after 9 billion all nations
the same act will do without any doubt
cats and cattle, snakes that rattle, same obligations.
There is only one air.

About living in air, this how it reckons:
nine billion people every four seconds
inspire air in and expire it out
no matter one’s riches no matter our clout
’tis vital function we can’t live without.

Not alone in Earth’s atmosphere
others take air clearly as dear.
Of Almighty’s  crew here’s a few
who live the air same as you do:
Elephants, rice, beans, mice, kudu
kudzu, spirochetes, parakeets,
lorikeets, bullfrogs, wild hogs,
whales. snails, grouse, louse
mouse,humming bird, ostrich,
shrews, shrikes, pangolin, guinea hen,
tuna, koi, moss, cos, albatross,
bats, cats, vanilla, hemp, pot, roaches,
anoa, quinoa,ewes, yews, wood tick,
woodchuck, agave, agouti, zyzzyva,
zucchini, wombats, muskrats,
apes, grapes, deutzia, ducks,
dhole, devil’s club, gibbon, mantis,
stickbug,  potto, portulaca, plum,
plover, peyote, pitta, coyote,
pears, persimmons, peony,
poison ivy, pitcher plant, percheron,
peppers, pelicans, peaches,
peacocks, peanuts, parsnips, orchids, opossums,
mules, onagers, oleander, okapi, nyala,
crabgrass, nasturtium, lazy susan, daffodils,
muscovy duck, muskox. mudpuppy,
llamas, vicuna, camels,
lemur, lily of  the valley, lhasa apso,
beetles, scarabs, polar bears, kites,
lagomorph. ladybugs, gypsy moth,
etc.  ad infinitum.


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