All thses gifts are in our care but there is only one air:

oceans                  seas                      falls

lakes                     copse                   paths

volcanoes          littorals               rocks

rivers                   beeches               streets

mountains           gulfs                    cliffs

plains                     swamps              steppes

rills                         glades                 highways

brooks                    bogs                    tarns

rivulets                  hollows               ” hollers”

channels                 veldts                 streams

dunes                       keeps                   ponds

passes                      thickets                puddles

mounts                     woods                   mesas

parks                        plateaus               tundra

esplanades               deserts                 islands

isles                           grasslands              fens

meadows                  llanos                    glens

leas                           straits                     jungles

canals                      prairies                 coves

isthmus                    trenches               forrests

capes                       piedmont               lagoons

geysers                     foothills                 caves

massifs                  arroyos                   bays

glaciers                gulches                      domes

keys                        eddies                      abyssals

hadals                  sinkholes                 loblollies

The many                                       but only one air.

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