There is only one air (in angor meter)

The body from soul seems separated,
do both need air to be aerated?
When the wind blows do spirits hear it?
You can answer that only when near it.
There is only one air.

Do angels’ wings need air to fly?
or travel they  more mysterious by?
Let air the angels purely use it.
Our better angel not abuse it.
There is only one air.

Do angels’ wings need air to fly?
Or is their lift a gift on high.
Their gift, don’t pollute it
clean your angels’ way all through it
our better angels have only one air.

Ever did you take a deep breath
to power your courage with added heft?
When needing that air to face a dare
about its purity you surely must care.
There is only one air.


Submariners down there don’t breath air
they live on concoctions generated right there.
Astronauts a capsule lade not their air
they fabricate in orbit from chemistry rare.
There isn’t but one air.

Ask any astronaut look down upon it
how thin high is Earth’s atmospheric,
9 billion in breath every minute
every hour each day let’s all ever ken it.
There is only one air.

There’s only one air

Take a deep breath
and thereby know abashed
God created evolution
the planet Earth He sloshed
with pure air that had no pollution.

Think, the air  night and day
encloses firmament and deep.
We soil His air all we may
during the day and as we sleep
quotidian, diurnal , circadian
His crafts.