Fin Azotobacter Fin—Exeunt Man and Woman

Eons til lately by nitrogen mostly
has been the lifter that made up the breezy
Dilute by pollute one manna our host.
Azotobacter goes down and we all are toast.
There was only one air.

Azotobacter primary factor feeds food
Extractions atmospheric this one for our good
Dominate nitrogen therein essential
percent gas toxic gone man consequential.
There was only one air.
There is only one sog.

Air in Mysterious Places

Young pretenders so deep in dread
When bosses call them “that airhead.”
Some use insult intend guide you round
Some up egos when others put down.
Young airheads rising cook good ideas.
They sense their value no need for fears.
Thoughts in heads some thrive on air
Bosses forgive them was Master’s care.
There used to be one air. There is now one sog.


How afar gone are we
Simply we cannot see
Smoking Meth in the air
Harms all our children fair.

Blowing smoke in movies, on land
sends young’uns bad vibes each scan.
Teach how to purify air
place in Heaven for you there.
There is only one air.

His Secretest Secriest Secret

Back when air unique ‘ordinary’
Air now gone our loss extraordinary.
Hid man’s Savior’s creation’s pride
Then man He placed all inside.
There once was one air.  There now is one sog.

No brain methane ought contain
Enough of this we go insane.
If not that far at least inane.
Methane in lungs your brain will drain.
Now there is only one sog.

Once there was only one air.
No see man’s Savior’s good oxygen.
Side by side ties our religion.
We all breathed air.  That was that.
Now air so rare is man’s mad hat.
There once was air.  There now is sog.

Now You Don’t. Now You See It.

God did best Perfection could
To guard His air from human hoods.
Degrade that good as mankind does
Polluted air Beelzebub’s.
There is only one sog.  There was only one air.

It’s smallest things mean the most
Atoms of O 2 sustain His host.
This essential need He did devise
So mankind it not compromise.
There was only one air.  There is only one sog.

Essential most live thing’s life
Industrial thrusts sum zero strife.
He this good works kept wise from eyes.
Get back to Him stem our demise.
There is only one sog.  There was only one air.

To Talk Money Needs Air

Are guardians led to spin and skew
Elements in big gas surrounding you?
If so they play not only with fire.
They do things someday super dire.
There was only air. There is only one sog.

When you breathe from the lake they fake
In mercury, ozone, sulfide you take.
May these become part of you
These may become part of you.
Not as oxygen cycle with C O 2
There is only one sog.  There was only one air.

Methane in it, then it’s not air
When air was born no methane there.
Mercury, methane, sulfa, ozone
They need to leave your air alone.
There is only one sog.  There was only one air.