What’s a bee Daddy? Auras yet to come

Let’s all parley one sog quale.
Our honeybees gone thin air.
’twas John Locke ‘pined it not we.
Mystery? when not one did care.
There is only one sog.

Created He our ether’s auras.
Earth’s air His aureole writ large.
Reside His halo made just for us.
Air on water Noah’s entourage
There is only one sog.

A Sog Story en Blog

Author:       Fritzy ‘Pooch” Logan

Time:          Late 18th century to tomorrow

Place:         Planet Earth unique in universe

Style:           Angor metered  in bad doggerel  sometime rhyme


 Happenings to lifeforms in earth’s atmosphere

Cigarette making machines now here

since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution,

late 18th century begins the pollution

rooted socially before starting, man unaware

if we did’nt know it now could we care

nuanced from lapdog pace to now greyhound race

then to some logarithmic canine chase.