To say we are “air” breathers dulls the point
for really what we are is “air” be’ers.
Fish are in water as we are in “air”
We more than breathe it we exist there.
There is only one “air.”

Air Disaster

We not master of our air disaster
Air oh two long gone for that take note
Best to do Mom Nature’s trees just ask her.
Make engines less strait burning by the throat.
There is only one “air.”

Not about good air when we blew it.
We polluted our air and we knew it.
Yet no end point in sight
’till earth end up in blight
There is only one “air.”


Lambent light thru crepuscular haze
somewhat dimmer upon eyes these days
And age it’s not nor lottsa gray hair
something’s really in the “air” out there.
There is only one “air.”

To ease away what makes man ill
is an equal weight of chlorophyll.
All you make of CO2 by burn
Obligate yourself to undo earn.
There is only one “air.”

The economies of earth all rich and moral
should make up to you by money not talk oral.
For every aliquot chlorophyll you own
in trees, kelps, flowers, moss, vegs, you’ve sown
There is only one”air.”

Each of earth’s flora, especially trees
Behave for us sure and more just like Hercules
To cleanse the vital stable of our atmosphere.
Alcides and Iolus have awesome mights held dear.
Nth combusting oxen for sapiens labor.
Chlorophylls for muscle are their mighty saber.
There is only one “air.”

Crossing the GEOBAR*

The devil to pay and no pitch hot,
right now that is what on earth we’ve got.
Aaron Manby asea now more handy
1822 from London sailed dandy
out the yards, combustion internal.
Afar on horizons pollution infernal.
There is only one “air”.

Points of less lively  returns ongoing so far
we must contrive to drive by implosions our car
workmanship to evolve this trip too elusive
Yet undoing our burns we need be conclusive.
There is only one “air”.

*Gross Earth Orb Burn Accumulation Rate


We need trees.¬† They don’t need us.
They have us treed, we nonplus.
Oxygen air no elsewhere comes.
Trees live tithes of each ten, ones.
There is only one “air”.

By one pear tree two people keep.
Cars need thousand just idle beep.
You sixteen gals. air need each minute.
Rpm cycls. two lasts burn it.
There is only one “air”.