Lambent light thru crepuscular haze
somewhat dimmer upon eyes these days
And age it’s not nor lottsa gray hair
something’s really in the “air” out there.
There is only one “air.”

To ease away what makes man ill
is an equal weight of chlorophyll.
All you make of CO2 by burn
Obligate yourself to undo earn.
There is only one “air.”

The economies of earth all rich and moral
should make up to you by money not talk oral.
For every aliquot chlorophyll you own
in trees, kelps, flowers, moss, vegs, you’ve sown
There is only one”air.”

Each of earth’s flora, especially trees
Behave for us sure and more just like Hercules
To cleanse the vital stable of our atmosphere.
Alcides and Iolus have awesome mights held dear.
Nth combusting oxen for sapiens labor.
Chlorophylls for muscle are their mighty saber.
There is only one “air.”

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