Near instinct we know us all within
Heat roils atoms and activates their spin.
Molecules link random make matter many kind.
Some are good and useful but some not so benign.
When caveman brute discovered cook
Human culture leapt then off it took.
Pure atmosphere was  a big blessing then.
Now here hence fouled by combust  engine.
PS now and then in chemist bio labs
Taught all lads and lassies and kept their graded tabs.
Apt labs had hoods routinely work exhausts.
Poor earth per se no such at any costs.
Flora sometimes purifies if climate is at ease
But heated air pollutants are mankind’s big disease.
Few thus heating stuff made progress oh so good.
Billions when we do it our fate not understood.
Infinity not known and this and that and such
Burning massive matter good but maybe not so much.
Progress’ box canyon modern man but one way out.
Three high walls we made ourselves hard tall redoubt.
So the devil to pay and no pitch hot.
Practical cures evade us we may not.
Eight billion inhale our fumes as you read this line.
Now grind down our earth we do and grind and grind and grind.
There was only one air.

Global atmosphere watch

Earth’s Litmus Test

Canary Isles and Cape Verde Group

Poorly fare lichens in polluted air.
Heat polluted air more sudden acid there.
When once lichen cover all fully gone
Their garden’s rocks now dissolve full forlorn.
Dissolve, dissipate  blue litmus to red;
Now plot full circle in globe’s warming bed.
Archel and Archil and Orchill and all
West over the waters off Senegal.
Litmus borne lichens off Canary’s Spain
But none to be found on the Spanish Main.
Forget not the rocks of Netherlands forum
L.tortarea and R.tinctorum.
There was  only one air.