………..ESTIVATION………………X-Factor in Human Equation

As earth pans to summers of our estivation
We tend slumber slowly more in heat since creation.
Questioned second awakening may yet still come
Sometime many eons hence despite man’s dense and dumb.

Like a microwave oven we’ve made this place we sit.
No haste we diurnals turned holding rotisseries’ spit
But now since industrial revolution we got
It is “the hotter things get the faster they get hot.”

We take and burn stuff from underground and on the top
As if God’s earthly treasures were meant to be our crop.
On this turntable carousel we blithely whirligig.
From this lazy Susan wide we use as big fat pig.

Our merry-go-round begins to shake, rattle and roll
As all our autos we drive to pay pollution’s toll.
How did God’s well meaning man let all this come to pass?
Now some few clues here are from whence come toxic gas.

The mini-world or universe in all our toddlers’ minds
If or when they grow up will mimic their parents’ kinds.
Be candy cigarettes huge hydraulic crime all time?
To see mom and pop and most adults wax relax sublime.
Now suck this swell candy stick how wonderful it tastes.
Tables set so as you mature smoking in your bastes.
Early still from mothers’ milk nicotine babies suck.
While puff smoke put blankie on extend the pleasure, tuck.
Now hooked day-one burning stuff before we leave the nest
Brand new kids have no choice but see parents as best.
The fatal hook is now set before infants come out.
All addictors now need do is sit and watch the rout.
From candy and bubblegum cigarettes go forth
to toy soldiers,toy guns, toy planes and cars of course
On to tween bumper cars at the fair learn risks to take
Formula one and stock cars future imagoes make.

So you see from outset who and why we self-destruct
mindlessly lead to our world’s going full disrupt.
Problem is we all go way small, middle class and big
So now that we are in this hole try must stop the dig.

Furthermore please observe Topsy may be wiser than
all us grown ‘wiser’ ones who are more like Peter Pan.
The world natural as intended way it ought to be
Or is the way we go full worship technology?

Nine Billion Strigils Eschew Terry

Help save Earth’s planet; give every soul a strigil.
Global retail solution ever a folk could tell.
Wholesale ways will still be need to cool this fevered earth.
Yet everyone can help out no matter what their girth.

Man’s salvation lay in Rome, not chemists’ bottle.
Need a model this way our deniers to coddle?
Greeks as always did the word and Romans did the deeds.
Look to Rome and Athens; sow solutions ideas seeds.

Their ancient armies’ soldiers’ hygiene must have been tops
Yet they had no terry towels made of cotton’s crops.
Army Rome held sway millennium and a day.
Its efficiencies supreme made all enemies pay.

That impressive feat required use of energy so well.
Now we to save this earth must abide that story tell.
To make there verses’ points, hygiene we must anoint.
Eschew terry; use the strigil; help to save this joint.

The reasons why are terry wash and dry use big watts.
No rocket science lines in this thickened zany plots
Hand wash and wring, hang outside sun old-fashion line
Will absolutely do no good for one’s lumbar spine.

Care costs for that in energy astronomical.
Most wash and dry machines energy uneconomical.
If we all drop use of terry cloth for bath and beach
Instead use strigils, global cooling more closely reach.

To bathe or take a shower and get all warm and dry
Save on heat beat pollution’s threat and save our so blue sky.
Use strigils and maybe a small patch of huckaback
Think reduce terry cloth robes and towels on your rack.

Prosaically consider this and try to test it out.
For thirty days use no terry cloth at all.
All else equal control save for strigil off the wall.
Compare utility bills water and energy of these months
and see which bars on the bill are really most tall.

Then you’ll know you did your part for kids yet to be.
Pass it on so all can join and make earth the place to see.
Thanks one and all for being on this big adventure
When our heirs reflect they wont have us to censure.

There is one”air” space toxic occupying gas.

GLOBAL HEATING HEAT—-Collect it and Reflect it

Store much light-heat as energy simply we cannot.
Light, energy, heat, gravity, magnetism do not rot.
They all flow valleys peaks electromagnetic gust.
They can be redirected to save our earth we must.
They cannot be destroyed, so with them we are stuck.
Without man’s dump some of it planet earth runs amuck.*

Just a bit of it to start we focus out some holes.
Opening-narrowing at our southern-northern poles.
Known gaps in ozonosphere may just be our big chance.
Solar cells with big mirrors survival we enhance.
Create some jobs, pressure pols while call big dollars bluff.
Buy man some time alternatives to stop burning stuff.

Come now all people sharing ideas to help us all.
Light bits cast into space drives temperature to fall.
Now we get on with it many new ideas to rehearse.
We seek all ideas here to begin to end this verse.
There is only one air or space occupying gas.


Sows’ Ears Silk Purses

If from infinity our tragedy we rip
We must exacting know heat, not shoot from the hip.
Fourier’s “prophesy” 1800 he laid.
Check out below and see what cleverly he said.*
So see also where his quotations now may be found.**
You need not profound what goes around comes around.

Solar cells turn light into might reversing roles.
Could our salvation be those scary ozone holes?
Many huge mirrors reflect much energies’ light.
From water and land all through the day into night.

Solar cell big mirrors nuptials must we try
Start balancing earth’s heat sharp foci through sky
Then start the tasks to stop burning stuff as we do.
Maybe just may be we will have comforting hue.

“In fact, the radiation of the sun in which this
planet is incessantly plunged, penetrates the air,
the earth, and the waters; its elements are divided,
change in direction every way, and, penetrating the mass
of the globe, would raise its mean temperature more
and more, if the heat acquired were not exactly
balanced by that which escapes in rays from all points
of the surface and expands through the sky”
(italics by TPL)

Theory of Heat, Preliminary Discourse
p 169 V 45 Great Books of the Western World
1952 University of Chicago

HEAT The Ubiquitous Ambiguous

We know what it’s not; so what could it be?
Magnetism, light, time, heat and gravity?
Concrete words come not these at this time.
Just what we know now effete alexithyme.

Master forgive us we plead now so far
We must “heat” know before crossing the bar.
All eight billion minds are needed for this,
Plus billion Big Blues to clear this abyss.

Come one and come all we can be whiz
Heed this last call to know what heat is.
Great minds from past ’til now sought it with might
So thus what is is is heat must be right.

Ponder this last juncture; no time to waste.
Stop nonessentials ; your thoughts put apace
All peoples’ brains as one must make haste
Distinguish heat from all else our great grace.
There is only one air.

Geopanic’s Progress’ Box Canyon

Deniers of global warming seem
angels unaware of what’s abeam.
Now go whistling past this new graveyard
bemusing fates all with such vile petard.

This all-beings box canyon now here
we progressed ourselves into sans fear.
Some made life better; some made profits
cornered now abide by our sophists.

Fires block plateaus as higher walls rise
No moral practical to compromise
Now too complex to come to a halt,
We may find way out by new assault.

To get out of the awesome rough
We should go all out! Stop burning stuff!
Each do our part, retail would be neat
and wholesale we must divine real heat.

The Heat of the Plight

giant sun

What has been done now Terrasol 1
Carbon dioxide pumped out by the ton.
Blue planet earth will boil burn bright.
Terra firma comes sun’s acolyte.
This new double star world’s end event.
Globe warming deniers strongest intent.
How vouchsafe we our children to be.
America’s fate comes due don’t you see.
Snow isn’t only thing to snowball.
Heat does it too, come one and come all.
We whistled past all graveyards now find
What’s pass them worse that what was behind.
Euphemisms’ “alternative E”
There’a only one energy; heat don’t you see.
Terrasol 1 is the newborn sun.
Good bye for now lest thy will be done.
Until we learn what heat really is
We may fail our final exam quiz.
There is only one air.