The Heat of the Plight

giant sun

What has been done now Terrasol 1
Carbon dioxide pumped out by the ton.
Blue planet earth will boil burn bright.
Terra firma comes sun’s acolyte.
This new double star world’s end event.
Globe warming deniers strongest intent.
How vouchsafe we our children to be.
America’s fate comes due don’t you see.
Snow isn’t only thing to snowball.
Heat does it too, come one and come all.
We whistled past all graveyards now find
What’s pass them worse that what was behind.
Euphemisms’ “alternative E”
There’a only one energy; heat don’t you see.
Terrasol 1 is the newborn sun.
Good bye for now lest thy will be done.
Until we learn what heat really is
We may fail our final exam quiz.
There is only one air.

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