HEAT The Ubiquitous Ambiguous

We know what it’s not; so what could it be?
Magnetism, light, time, heat and gravity?
Concrete words come not these at this time.
Just what we know now effete alexithyme.

Master forgive us we plead now so far
We must “heat” know before crossing the bar.
All eight billion minds are needed for this,
Plus billion Big Blues to clear this abyss.

Come one and come all we can be whiz
Heed this last call to know what heat is.
Great minds from past ’til now sought it with might
So thus what is is is heat must be right.

Ponder this last juncture; no time to waste.
Stop nonessentials ; your thoughts put apace
All peoples’ brains as one must make haste
Distinguish heat from all else our great grace.
There is only one air.

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