Sows’ Ears Silk Purses

If from infinity our tragedy we rip
We must exacting know heat, not shoot from the hip.
Fourier’s “prophesy” 1800 he laid.
Check out below and see what cleverly he said.*
So see also where his quotations now may be found.**
You need not profound what goes around comes around.

Solar cells turn light into might reversing roles.
Could our salvation be those scary ozone holes?
Many huge mirrors reflect much energies’ light.
From water and land all through the day into night.

Solar cell big mirrors nuptials must we try
Start balancing earth’s heat sharp foci through sky
Then start the tasks to stop burning stuff as we do.
Maybe just may be we will have comforting hue.

“In fact, the radiation of the sun in which this
planet is incessantly plunged, penetrates the air,
the earth, and the waters; its elements are divided,
change in direction every way, and, penetrating the mass
of the globe, would raise its mean temperature more
and more, if the heat acquired were not exactly
balanced by that which escapes in rays from all points
of the surface and expands through the sky”
(italics by TPL)

Theory of Heat, Preliminary Discourse
p 169 V 45 Great Books of the Western World
1952 University of Chicago

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