GLOBAL HEATING HEAT—-Collect it and Reflect it

Store much light-heat as energy simply we cannot.
Light, energy, heat, gravity, magnetism do not rot.
They all flow valleys peaks electromagnetic gust.
They can be redirected to save our earth we must.
They cannot be destroyed, so with them we are stuck.
Without man’s dump some of it planet earth runs amuck.*

Just a bit of it to start we focus out some holes.
Opening-narrowing at our southern-northern poles.
Known gaps in ozonosphere may just be our big chance.
Solar cells with big mirrors survival we enhance.
Create some jobs, pressure pols while call big dollars bluff.
Buy man some time alternatives to stop burning stuff.

Come now all people sharing ideas to help us all.
Light bits cast into space drives temperature to fall.
Now we get on with it many new ideas to rehearse.
We seek all ideas here to begin to end this verse.
There is only one air or space occupying gas.


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