Nine Billion Strigils Eschew Terry

Help save Earth’s planet; give every soul a strigil.
Global retail solution ever a folk could tell.
Wholesale ways will still be need to cool this fevered earth.
Yet everyone can help out no matter what their girth.

Man’s salvation lay in Rome, not chemists’ bottle.
Need a model this way our deniers to coddle?
Greeks as always did the word and Romans did the deeds.
Look to Rome and Athens; sow solutions ideas seeds.

Their ancient armies’ soldiers’ hygiene must have been tops
Yet they had no terry towels made of cotton’s crops.
Army Rome held sway millennium and a day.
Its efficiencies supreme made all enemies pay.

That impressive feat required use of energy so well.
Now we to save this earth must abide that story tell.
To make there verses’ points, hygiene we must anoint.
Eschew terry; use the strigil; help to save this joint.

The reasons why are terry wash and dry use big watts.
No rocket science lines in this thickened zany plots
Hand wash and wring, hang outside sun old-fashion line
Will absolutely do no good for one’s lumbar spine.

Care costs for that in energy astronomical.
Most wash and dry machines energy uneconomical.
If we all drop use of terry cloth for bath and beach
Instead use strigils, global cooling more closely reach.

To bathe or take a shower and get all warm and dry
Save on heat beat pollution’s threat and save our so blue sky.
Use strigils and maybe a small patch of huckaback
Think reduce terry cloth robes and towels on your rack.

Prosaically consider this and try to test it out.
For thirty days use no terry cloth at all.
All else equal control save for strigil off the wall.
Compare utility bills water and energy of these months
and see which bars on the bill are really most tall.

Then you’ll know you did your part for kids yet to be.
Pass it on so all can join and make earth the place to see.
Thanks one and all for being on this big adventure
When our heirs reflect they wont have us to censure.

There is one”air” space toxic occupying gas.

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