A Furious Poet “MAY?”

Nicotine jumps blood-brain barrier sans a “howdy do.”
From neural tube to encephalon it’s a trip not new.
Through moms’ lungs then umbilical cord it goes very true.
Ere we are born, nicotine a thing we’re sensitized to.

Humans went out “to take a smoke”, compelled to bear that yoke
“The smoking lamp is lit” before midwives new bottoms stroke.
“No smoking light turned off” now neonatums’ door.
Now comes “Smoke’um if you got’um” gift cigarettes galore.

Surgeon General warns on every pack that we smoke
“causes lung cancer, causes heart disease” that’s how it’s spoke.
Now, “may complicate pregnancy” are you really kidding me?
No “May” about, it hazards gestation vide supra see.

Surgeon General also warns on every pack we smoke
Says that “Smoking causes emphysema” in same bold stroke.
He says, “May complicate pregnancy” surely you kid me.
Emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease we heartily agree
“May complicate pregnancy” a stance most fetal fatal.
“May complicate pregnancy” disservice neonatal.

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