Nicotiana now part of the human soul,
When inside the mommy womb yet not two weeks old.
Come even sweeter by “triumphant” cigarette.
Future brains affected without a sole regret.

Take another look at world, let’s see what we can see.
Triumph to be passed by tobacco’s wide degree.
Icon paint maker covers entire globe it’s said
More nicotine in our kids than was poison lead.

Makers got the lead out, praise God that mighty task.
Now nicotine be gone that’s all our children ask.
But recall candy and bubblegum cigarettes?
Flue- cured tobacco one fifth sugar: sugarettes?

Evil concatenations maybe missed before.
Pre and post conception smoke so many adore.
Compounded compulsions nicotine everywhere
Baby not started yet, yet nicotine is there.

Nicotine spooks babies ‘brains’ ‘fore two weeks are passed.
Neural tube seen there fourteen days past semen’s blast.
Where there’s nicotine there’s smoke and surely ‘fire’.
Deep in our beings these tobacco facts conspire.

Each sperm-ovum live full deserve Almighty’s gifts.
These do not include products of tobacconists.
Are cigarettes the substitute for mothers’ milk?
And snuffs, chaws, cigars, pipes close by tobaccos’ ilk?

Color the right to life, right to life, right to life.
Smear it not just because push nicotine is rife.
Narco-nico subtle nuanced sneaky fiend.
Into the cradle begins to end childhood’s dream.

Please stay from around smoke if parents you can be.
For the sake of it be impractical to a T.
Take heart, world won’t come to end nor will this nation.
If we deem keep smoke from lungs of God’s creation.

Shout-out to CVS Pharmacies!

There is only one “Air” toxic gas.

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