Nicotinism always rules over democracy.
It has its control everywhere do not you see?
Up against NRA nicotine is top dude.
Which holds more people hostage would you conclude?

If all of the industry of nicotinism
Went into our schools instead of incorporationism
Earth would idyllic Eden be where God’s good peace rules.
Instead of this chaotic conflicted ship of fools.

If the devotion going to nicotinism
Went not to adds boasting tempting hedonism,
Don’t you think there would be less sickness all the time?
And for sure far less useless tendency to crime?

If all of the brains ongoing into nicotinism
Would go into universal anti-terrorism,
Then revenging could cease and all groups need no heroism.
Then each group in peace can practice own true religion.

If advertising brilliance going for nicotinism
Would inform us how to end our harmful schism.
So many dysfunctions could more readily heal.
Focus away from bad acts, towards good acts appeal.

There is only one “Air” toxic gas.

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