We, before knowing life’s outside-the-womb adventure
Bathe in nicotine full rife in with-child indenture
Our brains’ smallest intact blood vessels have YES-NO choice
While Nicotiana‘s sly wiles steal away such a big voice.
Now nicotine is familiar to every neuron;
Our Freedoms to live best lives did it full well abscond.
On earth to now say, “Kick the habit, don’t smoke.”
Like gentle spider webs we are entrapped and that’s no joke.
No one on earth can now find tobacco all unpleasant.
What soaked our gametes then we can’t now fully resent.

Tobacco’s new fellow traveler is now known as pot.
e-cigs, THC nicotines compounded we’ve got.
TetraHydroCannabinol blood brain barriers’jump champ.
This new cerebrospinal fluid spews out the same ramp.
You can bet that this new brew is not mankind’s final
Blending fluids amniotic-cerebrospinal.
In a box within a box lung smokes purveyors’ way.
Sorry folks, they gotcha is most humane way to say.
From now on pleas’ PLEASE buy and use our goods.
You know it may make you sick but it’s good some livelihoods.

Smoking tobacco pot is the air’s superb ultimate.
To global pollution it does as catalyst equate.
To smoke or not to smoke is nevermore the question.
Five hundred years of doing so it’s now our evolution.
European’s took lives and lands from natives people Red.
Then took from Black people not land but body-soul instead.
Ingredients wed staked world’s greatest nation’s wealth.
Blocked from history’s textbooks we are now rich by stealth.

All American life units are by slavery tainted.
Tobacco has been in there we are now all acquainted.
Increasingly since fourteen ninety-two more affected
By smoke, tobacco or pot are many lives directed.

Disaster, how does life and do people with it deal?
Fake it and fool ourselves as if denial of it’s real.
Smoke from tob-pot ultimate personal air pollution.
Troposphere’s top to in our lungs one air solution.

Seems like that’s pretty much O.K. until the cancer comes.
Meantime since that’s O.K. let’s pollute air around our homes.
Ignore what nico-pot does in our fertilizations
In lungs and out it pervades all this earth’s nations.

Confronted with disaster some go all frenetic.
Others slump, go torpid and seem sadly pathetic.
Some kind of saviors needed now that’s for certain.
This troubled world can’t applaud its good final curtain.
Too bad our high tech world in all its glory
Has yet to write glorious end to smoke-in-lung story.

There is only one air


Glossary for Enceinte

1. abscond – to leave hurriedly and secretly to avoid detection of bad acts

2. amniotic fluid- the liquid surrounding unborn babies in mothers’ wombs

3. blood brain barrier- the highly chemically selective system of
tiny brain blood vessels that separate circulating blood from the clear fluid bathing the brain

4. catalyst- the substance, person or entity that increases rates of actions
without themselves being permanently changed

5. cerebrospinal fluid- the clear liquid around the brain made by a network
of tiny blood vessels that cushions and protects the brain and spinal cord.

4. enceinte- (noun) the main defensive wall or enclosure of a fort or castle

5. enceinte- (adjective) in a pregnant condition

6. equate-  to think of the quality or quantity of one thing as the same as another

7. frenetic- action that is wild, fast and uncontrolled

8. gamete- eggs (ova) or sperm before they are joined together in fertilization

9. indenture-  a bond, agreement, contract, or deal

10. keep- the ultimate deeply placed stronghold, treasury or jail in a fortress or castle

11. neuron- a nerve cell

12. pervade- to spread throughout something or someplace

13. plea;- a request made in an urgent or emotional way

14. purveyor- a person or entity that spreads, sells, or trades in goods, ideas, views or news

15. ramp- a source pathway for the delivery of something

16. stake- a grubstake funds, supplies, enablers advanced to a person or entity
to start development of a business, program, project or activity

17. THC- abbreviation for TetraHydroCannabinol active chemicals in marijuana – pot

18. torpid- physically and/or mentally inactive, slow, sluggish, subdued or lethargic

19. troposphere- the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere where weather is and living things live

20. YES-NO choice-the blood brain barrier

21. Nicotianagenus name of the tobacco plant

? ………………………….Huh.

Take note.
Brain smote.
Lung smokes.
Brain chokes.
By design.
Not benign.
Frontal lobe.
Shrinking mode.
One air only.
Planet lonely.
Here man goes again.
Afterclap his refrain.
Lungs clearly not smoke designed.
Not for smoke of any kind.
Lungs are, if you prefer, created.
This part for air God stipulated.
Now thus by these we are obligated.
Either which way we originated