Blue Baby Daze

They come out in day and night
It could be 80 above or 10 below
But still they come out
And blow.
These American folk they sure do blow up a cloud
Of hypnotic haze

And there she stands
Walking and moving about
In this strange adultered cloud
She coughs and hacks –
Some nearby think she is sick.
The family take her to the clinic
And the stink of smoke hangs on her clothes and hair.
Her life ringed by this smoggy haze and breath of life is toxic maze
For in or out she cannot play
Under a sky not clouded gray.

In this gruesome heaviness
She strives to learn but cannot focus
Because the smoke irritates eyes and lungs and throats and kills away the hemoglobin – the brain fight for some I-Ga!
Red cells and white are in a fight
To stave off illness in dimmed light.

And Heavy metal thick and gross
Fills young lungs with chemic smoke
Oh plight of youth tobacco is When lobbied in the halls of law and
Money matters when that is all;
And still the children beg to breathe and find a place to play where the
Atmosphere is clean.

Divi 12/2014

One thought on “Blue Baby Daze

  1. Money rules the smoke filled sky.
    Humans cough, choke, and die seemingly passing by. They say No relationship to ice that melts or seas to rise. It’s Just another lie masking, the truth that cannot hide. The earth shows it’s anger each and every Day, trying not to stagger and dissolve away. As humans walk by cough and die away.

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