A new page in human history. (A tip of the hat to Rachel Carson for showing humans’ effects on global environment.)

This blog is about employing a wide range of doggerel and other simple and complex nuanced and blatant poesy to emphasize the singular nature and utmost value of our planet’s air blanket and atmosphere.  We  imply that Earth’s air is unique to the known universe  by repeatedly using this maxim “There is only one air”.

The author’s intent is to stimulate ,  over the entire range of intensity of which humans are capable,  concern for the air upon which most all living creatures depend.

This is written mostly in “angor-meter” ,  a style intended to highlight the painful position in which pollution puts us.  This is designed to inform, to form,  shame and direct action to allow air a chance to become purer.

Doggerel plods absurd ad nauseam
pure air now only in some museum
don’t you get it, start running scared
all too soon all us are dead.

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